i sent $20 to a non-profit / since then they've spent $30 sending me junk-mail solicitations / i want a refund. but hone you owe them $10


Balance, again

slaves are property! slaves are people! / slaves are an economic incentive for plantation owners to produce cotton which benefits society / in that case lets just balance slaveholder's rights with human rights

Here’s that word balance again. Read more about the slavery analogy.


Right or Happy III

would you rather be rich or happy / neither / i'd rather be rich


Good Ideas

there aren't enough good ideas / sure there are / i don't see any! you don't have enough attention

Attention is scarce, information is not.



a quarter i'm insulted / you should have to pay $15 for a cd! how much would you get / a dime but it's the principle of the thing


Killing Music

have some money! don't give it to me, / give it to a giant faceless corporation that claims to represent me / forget it then. you're killing music!


Stealing Labor

i wrote you this song! why? / so that you'd pay me! but i didn't hire you. / you're stealing my labor



the greatest threat to cartoon characters isn't piracy / it's obscurity / we're in a heap of trouble then

Based on a famous quote from Tim O’Reilly. Because Mimi & Eunice are Free and Copyleft and ShareAlike and want to be copied, “piracy” poses no threat to them at all. But very few people know they exist. Please copy, embed, etc. – the more they’re copied, the less obscure they’ll become.

Also, you can buy the book.


Viral Patent

i've patented the cold virus and you're infringing / your patent won't stop anyone from getting colds / you just think you should get everything for free


Added Value

take / you can have it back for $220,000 / you stole my nose! i added value to it!

Mimi & Eunice’s character designs evolved (barely) from this Copying Is Not Theft animation:

You’ll notice it starts off with the nose-stealing gag. I saw a similar gag over a decade ago in a brilliant Sam Henderson comic, the Magic Whistle, which made me laugh and laugh. Since Sam has made about a zillion such comics, I can’t find that one, but I did find this amusing one that relates to one of my favorite subjects, the First Amendment: Continue reading Added Value