4 comments to Body-Mind

  • anonymous

    Jesus, I almost fell out of my chair. This is the life story of me and my wife. She’s has so many mysterious physical ailments lately and she doesn’t believe that it’s sorta mental.

    Still, I don’t have the balls to send this to her. I don’t even have the balls to post a ‘real’ alias in the event this page gets indexed and she does a search on my fake name.

    Brilliant strip today!

  • Love M&E

    “Inseparable”, not “inseperable”.

  • Esn

    Well, to be serious for a moment, it does help… being generally healthy does help the mind work better, too.

    But of course, people like Stephen Hawking prove that it’s not a 1:1 relationship.

  • Darin

    Sad to see such trenchant satire fall on deaf ears. Pearls before swine.

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