This applies to pretty much any religion, but was inspired by the Hindutvadis who email me “peaceful” death threats. It also applies to the “peaceful” rule of State law.

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  • ClaudeTheWonderCat

    Eeeehhhh… You MIGHT want to take a look @ Zen Buddhism. Been reading-studying-living it for 50 years, have yet to see violence. Kerouac, Alan Watts, Gary Snyder, etc.
    Have fun out there, y’all 🙂

  • Reminds me of so-called “non-violent communication” which pretty reliably preferences actual physical violence over never-peaceful-enough-to-be-allowed communication. But a world without coercion is always a nightmarish delusio; genetic evolution is all about blind force but we have memes to do the fighting for us. The meme thing is poetry, not science but it’s good poetry: the distinction between coercive guns and coercive words is essential. Guns governed by words to the extent we can arrange that – It’s a lot to turn one’s back on.

  • Matthew

    Its called being a gentlemen. Just because your a violent, murdering sociopath doesn’t mean you should forget your manners. Take Voldermort for example. He was always calm and fair when killing mud-bloods.

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  • The members of the Corps all hate the thought of war; they’d rather kill them off by peaceful means.

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