Want to know what’s been taking all my time away from Mimi & Eunice? THIS.

This Land Is Mine still 1: Egyptian vs. Canaanite

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  • xerus

    I grasp the sentiment, but focusing on the Palestinians versus the Israelis is a bit blunt. The conflict is quite bad to be sure, but it’s so hyped up by Western media that it continually takes precedence over other more dire conflicts that have resulted in greater loss of human life.

    On the scale of world affairs, it should be considered a petty conflict, and playing it up only serves the agenda of the religious zealots you seem to be satirizing, as well as politicians who enjoy the use of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a magnet to redirect people’s anger.

    Show them how petty it is by brushing past it and on to other matters – like the continual stress between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan, the recent US War on Terror, or the numerous massacres and wars that have occurred in Africa.

    The recent Second Congo War and its ongoing aftermath represents the deadliest conflict since WWII with millions of casualties. Its death toll represents 100’s of Israel-Palestines, but we seldom hear about it.

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