Ass Coverage

Your dangerous ass
Point that thing away from me
Too many lawyers




free speech?
Free Speech means you don’t
have to ask if you’re allowed
to say what you want.

I would kill myself
If I had faith in the Law
Thank God for no faith.


Failed Imitation

Creativity in Action!

Is just failed imitation.
Or so I have heard.


Status Quo

Yes, I have heard it
Every argument
I ever hear anymore
Goes just like this one


Censorship Vs. Copyright

They're totally different!

What distinguishes
Copyright from Censorship?

The profit motive.

There’s one more day to back the Mimi & Eunice’s Intellectual Pooperty minibook project! The above comic won’t be in it, alas, since I just drew it yesterday and the book is already at the printer. But there will be 40 other fine selections from the IP category, in full color.

Update: Mataparda uploaded this Spanish version on flickr:


Locked Up Technology

locked up technology

This comic was inspired by Sony, but they’re not exceptional. It’s also my first animated GIF Mimi & Eunice. Gear animation modified from Wikimedia Commons.

This is obvious.
Locking up our creations
Won’t make them better.


Copyright Reform

This one’s going into the book.

Update: I’m going to try to write a haiku for every Mimi & Eunice comic this week. Today’s:

Real artists don’t wait
For lawyers and officials
To give permission.


Brand Delusion

Based on a brilliant typo in a comment.


Precious Sacred Idea


My First Kickstarter Project!

To help me make a Mimi & Eunice Intellectual Pooperty mini-book go here.

Update: The $3,000 fundraising goal has been met! Any additional funds over the goal means more minibooks printed, which means lower per-book costs. POOPERTY FOR THE PEOPLE!

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