Cognitive Dissonance

i never get angry. yes you do. maybe, but my heart's not in it. yes it is. your brain's not in it.

Don’t Feel

i feel hurt. don't feel hurt. i feel angry. don't feel angry. i feel horny. don't - wait, you're tricking me!


i'm speechless. i don't know what to say. there are no words- shut up!

What People REALLY Think of You

you'd be amazed what people really think of you if you knew how little they do. did you say something?



I've contracted plague to test out love. kiss me! Can't our love have a multiple choice test?


you undermine my perceptions. no I don't. see?

Hell Is Other People

most people would agree with that

What You Defend Against You Make Real

what you defend against you make real. That's how I keep our love alive!

Better Person

i want you to make me a better person. ok, let's start with-- don't change me!